In 2010 the founder of the bureau has written the book: "Motion Control in Offshore and Dredging"

‘Motion Control’ is often used as a description in various engineering disciplines.  In all these disciplines the reference is to a technological solution that is able to control motion, eg the movement of at least one part relative to another.  “Motion Control in the Offshore and Dredging Industries” describes how drives of mechanisms that can be very large are designed and realised.

A distinction is made between rotating and linear drives.  In the case of rotating drives, the choice for an electrical drive is becoming more and more prevalent.  Linear drives remain important, because of the large forces and the highly dynamic behaviour, in the domain of fluid power drive technology.  Both these important technologies are extensively discussed in this book with design rules and the many installation requirements that are useful for practical application.


The book is first and foremost meant for designers of new drive mechanisms.  It does however also give a practical explanation of the way in which the different mechanisms described here work. The book can be ordered at the Springer webshop, in individual chapters as pdf or as the complete book.