Huisman bv, Active Heave Compensator for 400 mT Offshore Mast Crane                                                                                          

  • Concept design for cylinder, gas system, control system
  • Dynamic calculations and simulation
  • Basic design of hydraulic manifolds
  • Detailed design of gas system , valve controls etc
  • Concept and basic design of hydraulic driven gas pump

Ampelmann bv 

  • Concept and basic design of 1st Ampelmann hexapod drive mechanism
  • Concept design for the control phylosophy of the hexapod and gangway
  • Concept and basic design for the gangway drives
  • Basic FMEcA for the total system
  • Specification of main control valves
  • Commissioning

Huisman bv, Passive Heave Compensator for the travelling block on the Caldive Q4000 Multi Purpose Vessel

  • Concept and basic design for the passive compensator and gas system
  • Procurement and expediting 
  • Commissioning

 Huisman bv, Design of the Marine Riser Tensioner for the Noble Globetrotter I and II

  • Concept, basic and detailed design of the MRT and the gas system
  • Functional specification for the operational use
  • Training for the end user

 Fabricom bv, Design for the 1st Offshore Access System (OAS)

  • Concept design for the hydraulic controlled heave system of the OAS, including the control phylosophy
  • Coordination of all sub-contracters involved for the supply of hydraulics, mechanical structure and control system