Den Herder Maritiem bv, for Bos Kalis Hopper Dredger Shoalway                              

  • Concept and basic design for all hydraulic drives of the hopper
  • Detailed design of the hydraulic diagrams
  • Specification for procurement of power packs, manifolds, cylinders
  • Detailed specification for hydraulic piping                               

Stinis bv, Hydraulics for Double Split Headblock

  • Concept and basic design for the cylinder, position transducers and valves of  their Double Split Headblock
  • Concept for the control phylosophy
  • Assistance in commissioning

 Bluewater bv, Lukoil Soft Yoke Mooring System

  • Specification  for hydraulic drive of Dynamic Surge Damper
  • Review of quotations of sub-contracters on behalf of Bluewater
  • Calculation and simulation of dynamic behaviour

SBM Monaco, Disconnectible Buoy Shtokman Project

  • Concept and basic design for the hydraulic driven "fingers"
  • Calculation and simulation of real time retract time ( typical < 1 sec)
  • Specification for the procurement

 Heerema, 5600 lpm Hydraulic Power unit

  • Specification for the functional requirments
  • Review of supplier design documents
  • Establishing the FMEcA, managing the FMEcA sessions, writing the FMEcA reports