Triyards USA, 80 T Offshore Cranes

  • Analysis of existing hydraulic designs of the crane drives
  • Recommendations for improvement
  • Quality inspection during the commissioning of their 80T crane on the Lewek Constellation

Railion Nederland bv,  Analysis of hydraulic hoses failure on their LOC6400

  • Study for failures oh hydraulic  hoses at high operating temperature
  • Analysis of heat generation in the hydraulic circuits on the locs
  • Real time temperature measurements
  • Recommendations for revision of hydraulic system

 Panama Canal Authority (ACP), Miter gate hydraulic cylinder, seal failures

  • Study for actual environmental conditions
  • Review of ACP proposed test of cylinders and seals
  • Recommendations for improvements
  • Report on actual available rod layer techniques

 Heerema Marine Contractors bv, Failure in hydraulic system Crawler Crane

  • Analysis of cause of failure in boom lowering
  • Study for possible failures on pump controls, brake valve, oil contamination, dissolved air